Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd. strives for a safe working environment. While we understand that when things are not working to your satisfaction that you may be upset, violent and/or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Anyone judged to have contravened this policy will have their service terminated for a minimum of 2 years.

Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd. provides internet services, not technical support services. We are not the GeekSquad®. While many of our technicians may be able to help you with issues not related to the service, they do so as themselves and not under the auspices of Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd. Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd. is not responsible for any further issues resulting from these “side gigs”.

When contacting Technical Support, the client may be asked to perform various simple tasks or tests for the purpose of diagnosing the source of the issue. If the source of the issue is between any part of the radio-modem (including its power supply) and the network-edge/gateway, and a technician is required to be sent out to fix the issue, the service call will always be free for the client. However, if the problem is with the client’s own equipment, including the router (which may have been bought from Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd.), then the service call is considered a “side gig” for the technician and they are free to set their own rates or even refuse to provide assistance.

To cover equipment costs for the client, Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd. could have chosen to wrap the cost of the equipment in a contract which the customer would then be required to sign, or it could have chosen to charge the client the cost of the equipment at the time of installation (and/or re-installation) and not require a contract. Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd. has chosen to do the latter so that the client may have more freedom in their service provision. This being said, if you require paying for the equipment through an instalment plan, we’re always willing to attempt to accommodate. Also, in accordance with Canadian Law, if within 30 days of being installed, you are not satisfied with your service, your equipment costs will be refunded and the equipment removed.

Residential service provided by Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd does not include the client’s router(s), switch(es), or hub(s). Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd sells routers at the time of installation for the convenience of the client, but beyond warranty replacement, does not support or service these routers. Clients may use any router they wish including choosing to not use a router. If the router sold by Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd does not perform to the client’s satisfaction, the client is free to replace it.

Routers and other equipment supplied as part of Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd’s non-residential Managed-Wifi service will be maintainned by Bonnechere Comminity Internet Ltd. In the case of the Non-residential Managed WiFi service, the client will be responsible for ensuring they avoid interference with the WiFi service provided.

Bonnechere Community Internet Ltd is not responsible for the quality of WiFi connectivity in any premises in which internet service is provided.